Scott? can you hear me? S C O T T ?

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soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.

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Daniel Radcliffe behind the scenes of Horns x

"I ended up loving that snake on Horns. They’re really sweet after a while, especially because when they get cold, they just love your warm body—the colder they get, the more they kind of hang on to you. Princess Leia was the name of the snake in Horns— she got carried around in a Star Wars pillowcase—and she would do amazing things on camera that you couldn’t train a snake to do, like wrap around one of my horns.” x 

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What is your favorite moment of joy? It could be anything. Like the smell of fresh grass, or wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time. x

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It was a strange place, the Potter’s home. It was the opposite of Grimmauld Place in every conceivable way, as if someone had looked at Sirius’ life and had said, “Oh no, this will never do!” Far from being cramped in a grimy neighborhood, the Potters lived out in the country. They could afford a mansion that stretched to the sky. Instead, they had happily settled with a cozy cottage that sat beneath the blanket of stars. The garden was always overgrown, in a tender way. Smoke always puffed from the chimney and the twinkling lights in the windows were warm and inviting.They didn’t own a single house-elf or servant. Mrs. Potter was more than happy to tend to the cleaning and cooking. Seconds and thirds were uncommon when it came to the homemade meals. When everyone’s stomachs were bursting out of their trousers, they would all retreat to the living room. Mr. Potter and James would start a game of wizard’s chess by the fire. Mrs. Potter would pour herself a cuppa and would curl up with a nice book. It was peaceful, but never quiet. Oh, no. There was always noise. There was always laughter and stories and humming and pleasant conversation. Mrs. Potter’s hands would glide across the piano as her husband merrily played the violin. There was singing and dancing. There were jokes and more laughter. There was a family and a home. And Sirius was happy to be a part of it.

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"I’m so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff."

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Take them to the Pensieve.

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